Cooking Substitutions

When you have as many food allergies as I do, once thing you get really good at is substituting things in recipes!  Here is a huge collection of all of my different cooking substitutions.

Egg Substitutes

Yes, there are many ways to replace eggs!

Breadcrumb Substitutes

Need to ditch breadcrumbs? No problem. Don’t worry, these all include gluten free options too!

Nut Substitutes

Looking for a nut based substitute? I have you covered! Scroll on down for peanut and coconut substitutes – because they are different!

Oil Substitutes

You can always find an oil to use!

Dairy Substitutes

Dairy can be simple to replace with these great ideas!

Coconut Substitutes

No coconut? No problem!

Tomato Substitutes

Learn everything you need to know about swapping types of tomatoes here.

Various Substitutes

There’s a lot of random things I’ve come up with substitutes for over the years.

Still stuck? Contact us and we’ll figure it out!