Gluten Free Keto

When it comes to special diets, there are many types out there, and many reasons to choose a diet.  Two diets that commonly get put together are gluten free and keto.  Let’s take a look at these two diets, and what they mean, and then you will learn everything you need to know to do the keto diet successfully with gluten free.

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What is a gluten free diet?

A gluten free diet is one that is free of the gluten protein, which is found in wheat, barley rye, and triticale. That means gluten free products must not contain any of these grains, and special care must be taken through out the harvesting and manufacturing process to ensure there is no contamination from gluten.

There are many reasons to use a gluten free diet, one of which is Celiac Disease.  Another reason is a wheat allergy, since something gluten free cannot contain wheat.

What is the keto diet?

The ketogenic diet or keto diet is a low carb diet.  This diet reduces carb intake to 20 grams of net carbs per day, and also increases protein and fat consumption.  It is important to remember that low carb does not mean no carb, so some level of carbs can still be eaten.

Is Keto Gluten Free?

While Keto is low carb, it is not necessarily gluten free.  There are many commercial products out there that are low carb, but still contain gluten.  If you are trying a gluten free keto diet, is is very important to make sure you always read the labels, because a surprising amount of keto  does have wheat added to it.

Following a gluten free keto diet

If you’re sitting here wondering “How do I do keto and gluten free?”, don’t worry.  

The good news is it is pretty easy to follow a gluten free keto diet.  There are a couple of areas that people struggle in initially, but there are always alternatives.  If you are already used to gluten free living, you won’t have any trouble at all adapting to gluten free keto.

The most important thing it to read the label on any commercial keto product you buy to make sure it does not contain gluten.  Look for the GF symbol on the packaging, and always read the ingredients very carefully.

Also, two of the most commonly used flours in keto recipes are almond flour and coconut flour, both of which are naturally gluten free, so by virtue it is very easy to find gluten free keto recipes.

If you are already doing keto, but looking to go gluten free, there may be some work ahead.  Here are the common areas we need to think about when it comes to gluten free keto:

  • Gluten Free Keto Breakfast
  • Gluten Free Keto Bread
  • Gluten Free Keto Pizza Crust 
  • Gluten Free Keto Cookies
  • Gluten Free Keto Desserts
  • Gluten Free Keto Crackers

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these areas and find some things for you to eat.

Gluten Free Keto Breakfast

When it comes to breakfast, it is easy to swap things out, and a lot of it depends on how you space your carbs out though out the day.  Some people still like the traditional breakfasts like pancakes and muffins, but made in a keto version.  

Some people prefer to avoid carbs first thing in the morning.  Whatever the case, here are some ideas for a gluten free keto breakfast.

  • Bulletproof coffee or tea
  • Eggs
  • Sausage or Bacon
  • Fruit (1/4 cup of Blackberries / Strawberries / Raspberries all clock in under 2g of net carbs)
  • Smoothies
  • Keto Muffins
  • Keto Pancakes
  • Keto Cereal

When it comes to pancakes and muffins, anything you make with almond flour our coconut flour will be Keto.  Here are some of our favorite keto muffins:

Gluten Free Keto Muffins

If you're looking for delcious gluten free keto muffin ideas, look no further!

And here are some great keto pancake recipes:

Gluten Free Keto Pancakes

Love pancakes? Here are the gluten free keto pancakes you have been dreaming about.

Gluten Free Keto Cereals

Cereal can be a quick and easy way to start the day, luckily there are SO MANY gluten free keto cereal options out there!  Check some of these out.

Gluten Free Keto Cereal

Looking for a quick and easy gluten free keto breakfast on the go? Gluten Free Keto cereal makes it easy!

Gluten Free Keto Bread

Things can get a little tricky here when it comes to commercial products, so you really need to be careful reading the labels.

As someone who has been gluten free for well over a decade, I really don’t miss bread.  I don’t even bother with bread replacements any more.  If anything, I wrap something in lettuce to make a wrap before I’ll chose a gluten free keto wrap or bread item.

If you really are searching for that replacement, there are however some options…but you’re going to be blowing your carbs pretty quickly keep in mind.

Here are some easy commercial options for gluten free keto bread, and some great recipes to try too!

Gluten Free Keto Bread

Here are some great options when it comes to gluten free keto bread!

Gluten Free Keto Pizza Crust

Gluten free keto pizza crust is actually pretty simple, with many commercial options out there.  Once again, read the labels, but it is also very simple to make your own.  This is also something you can easily pick up in most supermarkets these days if you are looking for a quick dinner.

Here are our favorite easy to order and easy to make gluten free keto pizza crusts!

Gluten Free Keto Pizza Crusts

Gluten Free Keto Cookies

Again, this is another area where it is very important to read the labels if you are going to be using commercial products, because some keto products do contain gluten and/or wheat.

Keto cookies can also be great to make at home, but it really comes down to what works for you right now!

Gluten Free Keto Cookies

Looking for gluten free keto cookies? We have great mix of recipes and ready to eat options to make

Gluten Free Keto Desserts

When it comes to dessert, it really depends on what you like.  There are many quick and easy options out there for home made desserts, and may keto options as well that are gluten free.

Besides some of the cookies on this list, you can also find Keto ice cream in most supermarkets.  Here are some great keto dessert recipes!

Gluten Free Keto Desserts

Looking for some delcious gluten free keto desserts? We have you covered!

Gluten Free Keto Crackers

By this point,  you know what I’m going to say.  Be sure to read the labels!  The good news is there is a number of keto crackers out there that are gluten free.  You’ll see a lot of cheddar and cheese flavors (think Cheeze its), but there are also some more classic options as well.

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be difficult to do gluten free keto, but the big thing is to always read the labels for any commercial products.  Are you working with multiple diatary restrictions?  Don’t miss all of our articles on keto with food allergies.

Gluten Free Keto Crackers

When it comes to a food allergy or a diet restriction, a gluten free diet is one of the easiest to follow, once you get used to it of course.  Keto is a diet that lends itself to a gluten free version quite easily.  I hope you found this helpful in your keto and gluten free journey.

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