7 Simple Ideas for Marsala Wine Replacement

Looking to replace marsala wine in a recipe? This guide will teach you everything you need to know if you are looking for a substitute for marsala wine.

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Marsala wine is a type of wine made from muscat grapes and can be used in many recipes. One may want to replace marsala wine for various reasons, such as being unable to find it or not wanting the taste of alcohol in their dish. There are several different options when looking for replacements for marsala wine; each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Marsala Wine Replacement with Another Type of Wine

If you are looking to stick with wine, there are several great options for replacing marsala wine in cooking.

Can sherry be substituted for Marsala wine?

A replacement for marsala wine that has the most similar flavor is dry sherry. It’s typically used in Spanish cuisine and can be found at many liquor stores.

Port Wine Marsala Wine Substitute

One option to replace marsala wine that is commonly available is port wine, which you may find at any liquor store or supermarket as well as some health food stores. While it does have a bit of an alcohol taste to it, this doesn’t transfer into the food you are cooking.

Can I use white wine to replace Marsla wine?

White wine is another great substitute for Marsla wine.  Keep in mind Marsala wine is dark in color, so if you use white wine your dish may have a different appearance than usual.

Madeira Wine Substitute for Marsala Wine

Madeira is another wine that is very similar to Marsla, and makes a great replacement in recipes.

Non-Alcoholic Marsala Wine Replacements

If you are looking to avoid alcohol all together, there are many options for non alcoholic substitutes for marsala wine.

Non alcoholic options to replace marsala wine include water, red or white grape juice and tomato paste, among other ideas. Let’s take a closer look at these non-alcoholic marsala wine replacements for cooking, and how to use them.

When cooking, you may want to replace marsala wine with another liquid in order to cook your dish. Marsala wine is typically a dry wine that can be difficult to find, and while there are other options, these non-alcoholic substitutes will not work for any dishes that require cooking the sauce on the stovetop or simmering. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular replacements for marsala wine in food recipes.

Replace Marsala Wine with Grape Juice

One option to replace marsala wine is grape juice. Grape juice is a great replacement for marsala winein certain dishes. It has a similar sweet and tangy flavor, but does not contain any alcohol content. It is an especially good replacement for marsala wine in chicken recipes that require cooking the sauce on the stovetop or simmering such as braised lemon rosemary chicken breasts.

Cranberry Juice as a Marsala Wine Substitute

Another option to replace marsala wine in baking is cranberry juice. Cranberry juice can be used instead of marsala wine when making cranberry oatmeal bars, gingerbread cookies, chocolate cakes, or again, chicken dishes, and even veal.  Consider adding dried cranberries to your recipe in order to really augment that cranberry flavor.

Cranberry juice is a great substitute because it is available in both sweet and no sugar added forms.

Apple Cider in Place of Marsala Wine

Another great non-alcoholic substitute for marsala wine is apple cider. Apple cider is great for sauces, such as in braised lamb shanks with red wine and tomato sauce or chicken marsala.

Grape juice, cranberry juice, and apple cider are both common ingredients that are cost effective and easy to find.

If you think these replacements sound a bit too sweet for your liking, consider adding some apple cider vinegar or even red wine vinegar to give them a bit more of the tanginess that marsala wine is known for in cooking.

Looking for some other cooking substitutions?  We have you covered.

No matter what your use case, you are bound to find a marsala wine replacement that will work for you in this guide.  Happy cooking!

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